Cameroon/ The adisi organizes a training workshop for data collectors

Published on 29/11/2023 | La rédaction


As part of a seminar-workshop organized in Yaoundé, Cameroon, on November 20, 2023 for regional data collectors, ADISI, in the presence of Paul Joël kamtcha, executive secretary of Adisi cameroun, and his collaborators, spent two days training the resource persons who will in turn implement the knowledge acquired during the workshop in the departments and districts.

The project, which is aimed specifically at town halls, will enable decentralized local authorities to highlight the use of data in their environment to better educate, raise awareness and inform people across Cameroon.

Having observed the lack of interest in information and communication technologies in town halls, ADISI is proposing tailored solutions to show local elected officials the benefits of using data.

As a first step, ADISI will take stock of the situation, and then propose solutions to ensure that the Internet and information and communication technologies become part of the portfolio of decentralized local authorities.
The participants in this workshop, who have come from almost all 10 regions, will act as relays in the communes.


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