Côte d'Ivoire/ A training workshop to promote the right to identity and freedom of movement for populations is held in Tehini

Published on 29/11/2023 | La rédaction

Ivory Coast

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is organizing, in collaboration with the regional human rights commission (CNDH), a training workshop on the promotion of the right to identity and freedom of movement of populations in the Bounkani region.

This workshop is part of the pilot project for the issuance of administrative documents, which complements the initiatives developed under the project "Engagement des jeunes et des femmes pour la pré vention des crises, la stabilité sociale, la consolidation paix et la réduction de la violence communautaire dans le nord du pays" and financed by the Federal Republic of Germany.vention, social stability, peacebuilding and the reduction of community violence in the north of the country" and financed by the Federal Republic of Germany.

Opened on Thursday November 23, 2023 by the prefect of Tehini, the two-day training workshop at the town hall covers four modules, including human and fundamental rights, and freedom of movement.

In his opening speech, UNDP conflict prevention and social cohesion analyst Alassane Camara highlighted the new challenges posed by the identification of people and their vehicles.

"The identification of people is consubstantial with their legal existence and their attachment to the State as citizens. So, through this pilot project, the UNDP, with its partners ONECI and CNDH, wants to help make people's right to identity effective, and enable more than 2,000 people in the departments of Nassian, Tehini and Ouangolodougou to have administrative documents," he promised.

This first day, which focused on human and fundamental rights and freedom of movement, enabled the trainers to point out that the area is fragile and exposed to various threats.to various threats, the population and the defense and security forces should work together on identity issues, to avoid undermining social cohesion.

The first day was marked by a round-table discussion which enabled each party to set out its expectations in terms of security.

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