Burkina Faso/Combating terrorism: Young people's civic-mindedness and patriotism put forward as solutions

Published on 27/11/2023 | La rédaction

Burkina Faso

Reflecting on the contribution of young people in the reconquest of the national territory, this was the objective of a panel conference organized by the association La jeunesse solidaire (LJS), this Saturday, November 25, 2023 in Bobo-Dioulasso. Placed under the theme "What contribution can the integrity, civic-mindedness and patriotism of young people make to the reconquest of the territory?", this conference was led by eminent personalities.

For several years now, Burkina Faso has been facing a security and humanitarian crisis that is undermining its peace and social cohesion. In response to this crisis, the country's authorities are taking a number of measures to combat terrorism and regain the integrity of the national territory. This fight is the responsibility of all those involved, including young people, who make up the majority of Burkinabè. So, for the members of the association La jeunesse solidaire, it is more than necessary to involve these young people in the fight against terrorism for a sure victory. Hence the organization of this conference-panel to make their contribution.

According to the president of La jeunesse solidaire (LJS), Elvis Somda, the conference was organized in response to an observation. Indeed, he asserts that for some time now, some young people have no longer respected the values of the State and certain social values. So it was more than important to remind them that all good citizens should have civic and patriotic values. "In view of the national context, we wanted to make our contribution to reclaiming the territory. Today, when we talk about integrity, we're talking about civic-mindedness and patriotism. These are values that need to be reawakened in our young people, so that they too can contribute in their own way to the reconquest of the territory", he said.

He also deplored the fact that some young people are making publications on social networks aimed at discouraging the defense and security forces in the field. Faced with this situation, he called on young people to support fighters in the field, notably through the responsible use of social networks. This meeting provides a forum for young people to reflect on their contribution to the reconquest of the territory.

The event was held under the patronage of the Governor of the Hauts-Bassins region, represented at the opening ceremony by the Prefect of the Satiri department, Emmanuel Ouédraogo. On behalf of the governor, he welcomed the conference initiative and thanked the organizers. "This conference is very welcome, because every Burkinabè should be aware that everything we do on a daily basis can either help us reclaim our territory, or help us lose it, and I think that this is the spirit that inspired the organizers," he said.

The conference was structured around three major presentations. These were: youth leadership, crisis prevention and conflict management, and patriotism and civic-mindedness in the context of a security crisis. The opening ceremony was also attended by Battalion Chief Lassané Porgo, Commander of the Second Military Region. He began by praising the organization of the conference, given the relevance of the themes addressed. For him, "if young people manage to integrate these values of integrity, civic-mindedness and patriotism into their daily habits, the fight against terrorism will be won right away", he said.

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