Cameroon-Electrification: CFAF 35 billion to electrify 87 villages

Published on 21/11/2023 | La rédaction


The Minister of Water and Energy, Gaston Eloundou Essomba, was in Bindoumba, South Region, on November 17, 2023 to launch the 3rd phase of this project.

The launch of the third phase of the Photovoltaic Solar Systems rural electrification project, which aims to electrify 1,000 off-grid localities through decentralized power generation took place on November 17 in the South region. This phase consists of electrifying a total of 87 localities in Cameroon's ten regions, for a total budget of 34.76 billion FCFA, financed thanks to a buyer credit granted by the bank.Huawei Technologies, Cameroon's technical partner in the implementation of this project.

" The Government of the Republic, through the Ministerial Department for which I am responsible, has entered into a partnership with the Chinese company, Huawei Technologies, as a technical partner of Cameroon in the implementation of this project. in a partnership with the Chinese company, Huawei Technologies, for the design and development of a project to electrify 1.000 localities using Solar Photovoltaic Systems. The project, which covers the entire country, aims to improve the living conditions of the beneficiary populations by ensuring broad coverage of electrical energy in isolated areas far from interconnected networks.The aim is to ensure access to quality electrical energy for Cameroonians in rural areas, at a controlled cost", emphasized Gaston Eloundou Essomba.

According to the Minister, the bill payment system is innovative, as it is carried out via cell phone networks. " You, the consumer, no longer need to travel or line up in long queues to pay your energy bill. To date, the first two phases of the project have already been completed, with a total of 350 solar power plants built, including the associated networks, providing electricity to 27,400 households. As for the third phase, which is being launched today, it concerns 87 localities spread across the country's ten regions", explained the Minister.

The member of the government went on to explain that: " the funds raised for this phase of the project were obtained through a buyer credit loan of 34.76 billion CFA francs. Work on this phase, which starts today and is scheduled to be completed within 24 months, consists of the construction of mini photovoltaic solar power plants with lithium storage batteries offering24-hour autonomy in 87 localities, the construction of the associated distribution networks, and the supply of the metering system (prepaid meters). The production capacities of these mini power plants range from 21.6 to 183.6 kilowatt-peak. As a reminder, at least 10,000 new households in rural areas are expected to be connected during this phase of the project.


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