Canada/Moncton details part of its plan to improve its active transportation network

Published on 18/11/2023 | La rédaction


The City of Moncton has identified some of the projects that will be carried out over the next year as part of its active transportation plan.

In particular, the plan is to improve travel between the new bridge and the Riverfront Trail by building a link between the two, says City of Moncton Engineering Director René Lagacé.

Most of the projects will be lanes for shared use by pedestrians and cyclists, rather than on-street bike lanes separated from vehicular traffic by concrete curbs or flexible plastic bollards.

The first two such protected bike lanes were installed in Moncton last year.

The active transportation plan adopted by city council in 2022 stipulates that shared-use paths built in place of sidewalks must be at least 3 meters wide.

Among the paths to be built in 2024:

  • the west side of Horsman Road, from Ryan Street to Berry Mills Road
  • the west side of Grand Trunk Street, from Millennium Boulevard to Northwest Trail
  • west side of Milner Road, from Brookside Drive to Main Street

City spokeswoman Isabelle LeBlanc says there could be more, but that plans have not yet been finalized.

The total budget for these projects in 2024 is $1 million.

During discussions on the budget, city councillor Charles Léger questioned the appropriateness of some of the work. In some cases, he believes that the city has missed out on great opportunities by simply redoing a sidewalk where a lane shared by pedestrians and bicycles would have done the trick.

Charles Léger believes that it is particularly important to improve the connectivity of the active travel network where there are schools.

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