Canada/ The MRC de L'Érable continues to support the social economy

Published on 19/09/2023 | La rédaction


The MRC de L'Érable will renew its support for social economy enterprises on its territory by continuing its agreement with two organizations for a total of $8,000.

The agreement with the Pôle d'économie sociale du Centre-du-Québec and the Corporation de développement communautaire (CDCÉ) de L'Érable will make it possible to meet the needs of group project promoters and social economy enterprises free of charge.

About the social economy

With 52 businesses in the MRC de L'Érable, the social economy plays an important role in the local economy. According to Pascal Morin, Director of Territorial Development for the MRC de L'Érable, these businesses may not be well known to some of the population. "Did you know that when you drop your children off at the CPE, buy your materials at BMR in Saint-Ferdinand or enjoy the shows at the Espace Sophia in Sainte-Sophie, you're in good hands?Espace Sophia in Sainte-Sophie, you're supporting businesses that have been created to meet community needs and are run by the community?"he asked.

"It's important for the MRC de L'Érable to support these businesses that meet the needs of our community, to help them develop and to encourage the emergence of new collective projects. Through this agreement, we recognize the work and expertise of the Pôle and CDCÉ, and above all, we encourage the development of this viable business model," he added.

"For several years now, we've been seeing an increase in demand from managers of social economy enterprises, whether in terms of governance or business development. By financially supporting this part of our work, the MRC is enabling us to respond to these needs," emphasized Caroline Moreau, General Manager of the CDC de L'Érable.

Commitment to L'économie sociale, j'achète

To further this vision, the MRC Board also signed the declaration of commitment to purchase from social economy enterprises. "The Pôle d'économie sociale is currently deploying the L'économie sociale, j'achète initiative to encourage public purchasers to buy from social economy enterprises. We're very pleased with the MRC's positive response, which recognizes the positive impact of these businesses and, above all, commits to putting processes in place to encourageMalka Roy, General Manager of the Pôle d'économie sociale du Centre-du-Québec, commented.

A gateway for businesses and promoters of collective projects

The collaboration between the CDCÉ and the Pôle is highly advantageous for both local businesses and the Développement économique de L'Érable team. It promotes the transfer of information, smooth processes and rapid responses to requests. That's why companies and group project promoters are invited to contact the Développement économique de L'Érable team first to request this support. Simply call 819 362-2333 or e-mail


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