Congo/ Democracy: civil society to strengthen its means of action

Published on 19/09/2023 | La rédaction


On September 15, the Advisory Council of Civil Society and Non-Governmental Organizations celebrated the International Day of Democracy under the theme "Empowering the Next Generation".

"Civil society players need to better understand the challenges of democracy, which is a long and interminable process of assimilating values that meet the ideal of a society. "said Céphas Germain Ewangui, Permanent Secretary of the Consultative Council of Civil Society and Non-Governmental Organizations, during the commemoration of the International Day of Democracy.

The Advisory Council celebrated the day by raising awareness among society's key players. The celebration was punctuated by presentations on "The role and place of civil society organizations in the promotion of democracy". In this regard, Céphas Germain Ewangui emphasized that the mission of civil society organizations is to encourage tolerance among the various players, despite the different types of conflict.rance, in spite of different types of conflict; to see themselves as partners in the construction of the social body that is the nation through democracy.

Civil society organizations, seen as the pillars of democracy-building, will strengthen their means of action through awareness-raising, bringing skills to communities who also have a major role to play in the democratic process.

"No people in the world has finished building its democratic system: the daily observation is that countries still on the road to democracy are struggling to consolidate it. Where the system is consolidated, we fight to perfect it", said the Permanent Secretary of the Advisory Council of Civil Society and Non-Governmental Organizations.


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