SENEGAL-COLLECTIVITES / Kaolack: the mayor meets the people

Published on 18/09/2023 | La rédaction


The mayor of Kaolack (central France), Serigne Mboup, visited several neighborhoods in the capital of Saloum on Saturday, to listen to the concerns and needs of the population and find solutions.

The local councillor, whose trip lasted almost a day, visited the central market, Parcelles Assainies Parcelles Assainies, the Kibel Bâ market in Sara Diamaguène, Médina Mbaba and the religious city of Médina Baye.

Wherever his delegation stopped, Serigne Mboup was met by people concerned about the poor state of the roads and the puddles that make it difficult for people and vehicles to get around.

At the central market, where the public highway is anarchically occupied, the various roads are virtually impassable. At the Parcelles Assainies cemetery, heavily flooded by rainwater, the grass cover resembles a veritable forest.

Although the populations of the various areas visited welcomed the municipal team's initiative, they nonetheless asked the mayor to be more vigilant.However, they asked the mayor to be "pragmatic" and come up with "concrete and lasting solutions" to alleviate their suffering.

In Médina Mbaba, local residents are facing real difficulties linked to flooding. In this district, rainwater has invaded almost all the concessions. Inhabitants are urging the municipal authorities to show humanism, by using all possible means, to get them out of the ordeal they've been living through for several years now.

In Médina Baye, at the home of the late son of Sheikh Al Islam El Hadji Ibrahima Niass, Serigne Mamoune Ibrahima Niass, Serigne Mboup and his entourage were received by the president of the Comité d'organisation des manifestations et activités de la Fayda (COMAF), Cheikh Baye Ibrahima Mamoune Niass? and members of the committee.

Praising the approach taken by the mayor of Kaolack, who chose to meet his constituents, he stressed the absence of a proper sewage system in Médina Baye. As a result, every rainy season the religious city is confronted with water stagnation.

We would like to see long-term solutions, as well as sprinkling, disinsectisation and disinfection operations in the commune, particularly in Médina Baye, to help the people who live there. Médina Baye, to help people protect themselves against all risks of water-borne diseases", Cheikh Baye Ibrahima Mamoune Niass pleaded with Serigne Mboup. Mboup says he wants to make Kaolack "an emerging city with a high quality of life" by 2030.

Given Kaolack's position as a crossroads city and the Gamou on the horizon, Serigne Mboup explained that it was his duty to get up with his colleagues and tour the commune to find out about the prevailing situation.

We're going to take part, on behalf of the city of Kaolack, in the meeting of the Comité national de développement (CND) to prepare for this Gamou (celebration of theparatifs de ce Gamou (célébration de la naissance du Prophète du Mohamed, PSL), à Dakar, sous la direction du ministre de l'Intérieur'', he said.

He promised to carry out sprinkling operations, empty septic tanks and provide support to religious families and destitute populations, through the distribution of foodstuffs, with some fifty tons of rice.

Last year, to relieve the local population of stagnant water, we rented dump trucks and other equipment to evacuate rainwater. The municipal council had authorized us to release six hundred million CFA francs for the purchase of equipment and other machinery to do this", emphasized Mr. Mboup.

He indicated that such an initiative should bring back the municipal public works department, which could provide work for at least five hundred people.


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