Morocco/Al Haouz earthquake: Students from a Talat N'Yacoub high school transferred to Marrakech

Published on 18/09/2023 | La rédaction


Talat N'Yacoub commune (Al Haouz province) - Students from the Tinmel qualifying high school in the earthquake-affected Talat N'Yacoub commune (Al Haouz province) were transferred on Sunday to boarding schools in Marrakech.

To ensure the success of this operation, the Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports, in close coordination with the various parties involved, has mobilized all the human and logistical resources necessary to enable the pupils concerned to continue their studies under the best possible conditions.all the necessary human and logistical resources to enable the pupils concerned to continue their studies in the best possible conditions.

According to the Provincial Department of Education in Al Haouz, this initiative concerns 789 pupils from the Ouirgane lycée collégial who will be admitted to the Mohammed V lycée qualifiant, 385 pupilsfrom the lycée qualifiant de Tinmel to the lycée qualifiant Ben Youssef, while 347 students from the lycée collégial d'Ighil will be integrated into the Institut Cadi Ayyad de l'enseignement originel.

These students will be supervised by teachers and educational and administrative staff, as well as by specialists in social assistance and psychological support.

On a provincial scale, this operation, carried out under the supervision of local authorities, executives from the National Education Department, elements of the Royal Gendarmerie and Auxiliary Forces, targets a total of 6.000 pupils in six schools located in the communes most affected by the earthquake: Talat N'Yacoub, Ighil, Ouirgane, Anougal and Azgour, adds the same source.

This action, which follows on from the High Royal Instructions to ensure support and care for those affected, comes in the wake of ongoing efforts by all stakeholders to guarantee this social category's right to education and training, particularly in these exceptional circumstances.

In statements to MAP, the students' parents took the opportunity to express their deep gratitude to His Majesty King Mohammed VI and their heartfelt thanks to the local authorities.

"We are confident that our children will benefit from all the necessary support and care in accordance with the High Instructions of His Majesty King Mohammed VI", they said.

In parallel with this initiative, 150 tents equipped with all the necessary educational and training facilities, as well as solar panels, have been set up in the province of Al Haouz.

The Ministry of National Education is taking all necessary measures to ensure the continuity of education in the wake of this earthquake, in accordance with the High Instructions of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, as part of the government's mobilization to deal with the repercussions of this tragedy, and with the aim of restoring public services linked to the education of pupils as quickly as possible.

He had called for a general mobilization, urging all actors and stakeholders to unite their efforts to overcome the repercussions of this earthquake on the national education system.


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