Canada/Sept-Îles wants to improve its green spaces

Published on 18/09/2023 | La rédaction


The City of Sept-Îles would like to find out what citizens want and need in terms of green spaces, in order to prepare a 10-year investment plan.

Citizens will be able to respond to online questionnaires early this week as part of a public consultation.

Noémie Gauthier, Director of the Service des loisirs et de la culture for the City of Sept-Îles, says the municipal administration wants to draw up its first master plan.

She adds that she wants to ensure that investments over the next 10 years correspond to what the population wants in terms of green spaces and outdoor recreational infrastructures.

We want to know what citizens need," says Noémie Gauthier. When do they go to the parks? Do they go with their families? What outdoor sports do they play?

We want to be able to qualify our parks, to know where to put our actions to maintain them and pursue their development," she explains.

We're aware that there aren't many green spaces, so it's very important to preserve the ones that remain.

A quote from Noémie Gauthier, Director of Recreation and Culture for the City of Sept-Îles

An independent firm will then analyze the urban planning, active transportation and parks plans proposed by the municipality.

The director already has a number of projects in mind. However, given that investments are increasingly considerable, as was the case with Aylmer-Witthom Park, she wishes to respond to the concerns of people who are worried about the cost of the projects.

Ms. Gauthier also expects to have to make changes to existing green spaces. We must also take into account the demographic momentum, follow new trends and meet future needs. [...] We expect to add trees, lighting, drinking troughs and bike paths," she says.


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