Finland/ Launch of the European Seal of Excellence in Governance in Finland

Published on 17/09/2023 | La rédaction


Good democratic governance is the basis for delivering quality public services, managing resources responsibly and involving citizens in local decision-making processes. With this in mind, Finnish municipalities are preparing to embark on a path of self-assessment and citizen engagement, with a view to the first implementation of the European Label of Excellence in Governance (ELoGE) in the country.

At an explanatory workshop in Helsinki on September 21, the Council of Europe's Centre of Expertise for Good Governance, in collaboration with theFinnish HAUS Institute of Public Management, will launch ELoGE in Finland, where international and Finnish consultants will present the assessment tool to mayors, elected representatives and their local administrative landscape.

Participating municipalities will then begin to assess their performance against the 12 principles of good governance, and offer citizens a platform to evaluate the performance of their local government, with the aim of identifying areas where governance practices could be improved.

Local governments that demonstrate compliance with the 12 principles will be eligible to receive the label.


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