Togo/Biodiversity: a project for the sustainable management of the Fosse aux Lions classified forest

Published on 16/09/2023 | La rédaction


In Togo, the Office de Développement et d'Exploitation des Forêts (ODEF) is promoting the sustainable management of the Fosse aux Lions Classified Forest in the Savanes region. The initiative, called "Projet d'appui à la gestion durable de la forêt classée de la Fosse aux lions dans la région des Savanes au Togo", was launched at a workshop in Dapaong on Thursday September 14, and aims to preserve biodiversity while improving living conditions for local populations.

Spread over 36 months (three years), and divided into two phases of 18 months each, the project has an overall cost of 626,760 US dollars (around 411 million FCFA), and is jointly financed by the Togolese government and the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO).

Over a three-year period, the project aims to ensure sustainable management of this natural resource, while meeting the objectives of the Ministry of the Environment's strategic framework. Activities to be implemented include capacity-building for 300 farmers in sustainable agricultural practices; training and equipping 60 women to produce shea butter and mustard; reforestation of 100 hectares of energy wood plantations; and the installation of 40 beehives in eight villages bordering the classified forest.

Covering an area of 1,650 hectares, the Fosse aux Lions classified forest is an ecosystem treasure in the Savanes region, straddling the Tône and Tandjouaré prefectures. This area is still very much under threat, due to the expansion of human activities, particularly agriculture.


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