France/ Ligné. The town honored for its commitment to the local economy

Published on 10/06/2023 | La rédaction


At the 7th rendez-vous-éco organized by the commune for Ligné businesses on Tuesday May 16, Frédéric Brangeon, President of the Chambre des Métiers et de l'Artisanat, presented Maurice Perrion, Mayor of Ligné, with the plaque recognizing communes committed to promoting the local economy and crafts.

First of all, a few figures: by 2022, 110 craft businesses in Ligné, with 17 start-ups, 1 takeover, 5 closures, 105 salaried jobs and 25 apprentices.

The theme of this 7th Eco Rendezvous for the town's professionals was the transfer of ownership and local craftsmanship.

The evening began with a presentation by Aurélie Falchier, transfer-takeover coordinator at the Chambre des métiers. She outlined the different possibilities for passing on a business, the issues involved, the procedures, the preparation...

A second presentation was given by Daniel Boulay, delegate from the Centre de documentation et d'information de l'assurance. He reminded us of the importance of taking out insurance, as business transfers can also be unexpected and sudden.


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