Congo/Schooling of indigenous children: awareness-raising teams to be deployed in the field

Published on 31/05/2023 | La rédaction


On May 26, in Brazzaville, indigenous peoples' rights advocates planned to deploy to several of Congo's departments to raise awareness of the need for indigenous people to send their children to school, following a national consultation workshop for this category of people.

The workshop was organized by the Coordination Unit of the Projet d'appui à l'amélioration du système éducatif (Praased) on the guide to raising awareness among indigenous peoples.The aim is to facilitate the implementation of the various activities to be carried out in the field, to enable participants in the mission to carry out the activities of the action plan in favor of the indigenous population.s of the action plan in favor of the indigenous population, and to use the same language and methods when carrying out the activities.

Awareness-raising will focus on the departments of Likouala, Sangha, Plateaux and Lékoumou, all of which have indigenous populations. Workshop participants expressed the wish to set up a follow-up committee bringing together indigenous leaders, school managers and local authorities, in order to ensure the sustainability of actions carried out in the field.

Discussions focused on the importance of schooling in a native environment, raising awareness of the new program among ORA school staff, the distribution of activity books and much more.

Bonaventure Jasmin Mbemba, a workshop participant, testified to the importance of the Aboriginal Awareness Guide in the field of education at the end of the workshop." The team has just been set up, but it's up to the government and the World Bank to think about how to carry out the various awareness-raising actions in the new regions. rentes actions de sensibilisation dans les nouveaux projets car le Projet d'appui à l'amélioration du système éducatif prend fin dans un mois" , he lamented.

The representative of the Praased coordinator, Armel Samoue, outlined Praased's program of activities, which include promoting the rights and culture of the indigenous population through awareness-raising campaigns. The program also includes actions on violence against women, respect for gender, access to basic social services, support in obtaining civil status documents for indigenous children, and the setting up of awareness cells in nine departments.


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