Congo/Reintegration: training certificates for reconverted black "babies

Published on 29/05/2023 | La rédaction


Twelve former black "babies" retrained as upholsterers and carpenters received certificates of completion from the High Commissioner for Restorative Justice and the Prevention and Treatment of Juvenile Delinquency, Adolphe Mbou-Maba, in the presence of the mayor of the 4th arrondissement, Moungali, Bernard Batantou, and the president of the Artisans de Moungali association, Ghislaine Matondo.

The ceremony took place on May 23 in the presence of a huge crowd of local residents. Dressed in white T-shirts, a color symbolizing peace, these young delinquents pledged to renounce banditry once and for all, and to become consistent citizens responsible for their own destiny. "We're delighted to receive these training certificates. You all know where we've come from and the direction we're taking our future in this time. I call on those who are still in banditry to join us and become garnisseurs too. The Congolese state will take charge of their training," confided Mavouvoungou Filemon, alias Mbenza. "We thank the government for supporting us during this training. After two years, I've just got my certificate, which will enable me to be recruited by any workshop," confided Dalvin.

Ghislaine Matondo, President of the Artisans de Loutassi association, was delighted by this sign of recognition from the government after a year's training for these young returnees. The mayor of the4th arrondissement welcomed the High Commissioner's gesture to these young people, seeing it as a way of implementing the guidelines laid down by the President of the Republic, Denis Sassou-N'Guesso, under the authority of the Prime Minister, head of government, Anatole Collinet Makosso.

For his part, the High Commissioner for Restorative Justice urged them to be more realistic and aware of the future. "By mutual agreement with the president of the Artisans de Loutassi association, we have decided that you should learn a trade. There are no foolish trades, only foolish people. That's why we've come back to you to tell those who have lost their way among you to pull themselves together," he concluded.


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