FRANCE/NOTE TO LOCAL AUTHORITIES - Reminder: the 2023 ODA reporting campaign for French local authorities (2022 amounts) is open until May 31, 2023

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The Official Development Assistance declaration campaign (on 2022 amounts) is open on until 31 May 2023. This collection is carried out by the National Commission for Decentralized Cooperation (CNCD), with the support of the Delegation for the External Action of Local Authorities (DAECT).

Who is concerned ?

Ø This procedure is based on Article L. 1115-6 of the General Code of Territorial Authorities and concerns all territorial authorities and their groupings that have made payments to ODA countries in 2022 (including in the form of aid to refugees).

Ø It is also a prerequisite for obtaining co-financing from the DAECT.

N.B.: aid provided in solidarity with Ukraine (including aid to refugees) must be declared.

What must be declared?

All payments from their own funds for:

Ø Their decentralized cooperation projects and other actions with developing countries ;

Ø Support associations or NGOs (French or foreign) for development projects;

Ø Carry out actions to raise awareness about development, help refugees and support the reception of foreign students (from countries eligible for ODA);

Ø Service expenses and follow-up expenses for these actions;

Ø Their contributions to the funds or programs of multilateral international organizations;

Ø Their contributions to the Local Authorities External Action Fund (FACECO).

N.B.: Aid denominated "Ukraine" paid to FACECO is to be declared.

How do I do this?

Ø By going now to www.cncd.frto fill in the required data.

Ø By using the practical guide and the frequently asked questions available on France Diplomatie.

Why is this important?

Declaring your ODA allows you to make your development assistance efforts visible in international forums. The results are taken into account by the OECD in its analysis reports on development cooperation, as well as by the DAECT in its annual report on local authorities' ODA.



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Source: CNCD

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