Morocco/Es-Semara: Health at the center of the INDH's concerns

Published on 23/05/2023 | La rédaction


The health sector is at the center of the concerns of the 3rd phase of the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) at the level of the province of Es-Semara, through many projects and interventions to promote quality care for mothers and children.

These actions, which are part of the implementation of the program to boost the human capital of the rising generations, in particular the axis relating to maternal and child health, aim to raise awareness of the role of a healthy and balanced diet and improve the conditions of access to health services for this category. and child health, aim to raise awareness of the role of a healthy and balanced diet and to improve the conditions of access to health services for this category.

In this context, the INDH has allocated about four million dirhams (MDH) to support the health sector in the province between 2019 and 2023.

In a statement to MAP and its news channel M24, the head of the program "Impulse of human capital of the rising generations" in the province ofEs-Semara, Abderahim Amer stressed that more than 1.7 MDH have been mobilized until 2022 to support the axis relating to the health of mother and child.

Mr. Amer said that these funds have been allocated over the past four years to finance a series of projects to compensate for the lack of certain health services, including the mother and child service at the provincial hospital.

In this line, he said that the mother-child service has been equipped with various technical devices and surgical tools according to the needs of the services of the provincial delegation of Health and Social Protection.

In the wake of the care of maternal and child health, the INDH has proceeded to the acquisition of twenty neonatal incubators, biochemistry analyzers and blood glucose devices, as well as surgical tools for difficult deliveries, he continued.

It is also the equipment of a room for breastfeeding and another dedicated to awareness activities for pregnant women, nursing and those of childbearing age at the clinics Rbieb and El Gouiez, he continued.

Regarding the program of "catching up on deficits in infrastructure and basic social services", he stressed that the INDH has mobilized a budget of about 1.35 MDH to provide the communes ofAmgala and Tfariti two ambulances equipped with medical devices and another for the provincial delegation of health in Es-Semara, in addition to the equipment of a health center in the town of Jdayriya.

Similarly, the hemodialysis center under the provincial hospital has benefited from four additional hemodialysis generators, for an estimated financial cost of 900,000 Dhs.

The INDH's commitment in the health field also supports associations in charge of the care of the most vulnerable people, notably patients suffering from renal failure and people with disabilities.

In this context, these associations benefit from the program relating to the impetus of the human capital of the rising generations, with a global annual amount of about 250.000 Dhs according to the services provided for the benefit of the targeted vulnerable categories.


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