France/ Arradon. Höchenschwand and Arradon celebrate their 35 years of twinning

Published on 22/05/2023 | La rédaction


The Semaine du Golfe was the perfect occasion to invite the city of Höchenschwand (Germany) to celebrate its 35 years of twinning with Arradon. On this occasion, 60 inhabitants made the trip to answer the invitation of the twinning committee of Arradon. All the speeches were always translated in French or in German for the understanding of everyone.

On the program meal at the tip of Arradon Thursday, stand of the German committee on the market, official ceremony in front of the town hall and Saturday discovery of the Gulf and barley point followed by the Grand Parade of the Gulf Festival, aboard a boat of the Navix.

On Friday, the official ceremony took place in front of the town hall. Pascal Barret underlined the richness of this 35 years twinning, which was in the spirit of the great post-war reconciliation.

Sebastian Stiegeler, 41 years old, mayor of Höchenschwand for more than three years, came for the first time to Arradon, but already knew Brittany. "My community, with 2,700 inhabitants, is located in the southern part of the Black Forest, at an altitude of 1,100 meters, not very far from Switzerland (Baden-Württemberg region). It is very different from here of course. The geography, the culture, the gastronomy are the richness of our twinning but there is a major common point: it is the pleasure to be together.

Each president of the twinning committee insisted on the relay that the young people must take in the framework of this twinning.


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