Canada/Gatineau releases over $10 million for new housing

Published on 29/03/2023 | La rédaction


Three community housing projects are coming to Gatineau. At a special session of City Council on Tuesday morning, elected officials approved almost $11 million in additional funding to help accelerate the construction of three community housing projects.

Currently, on the Gatineau territory, there are about fifteen social housing projects, or 850 doors, that are on hold.

Thanks to this new funding, three projects of about 170 doors will see the light of day," commented Daniel Champagne, president of the Comité choc sur le logement.

The money comes from a $65 million envelope granted by the Quebec government in 2022, to complete the financing of several housing projects that are blocked for various reasons.

Indeed, community organizations are facing significant shortfalls due to decontamination costs or rising construction costs.

These resolutions are possible because of discussions we have had with the provincial government," said Champagne, who is also a Councillor for the Versant district.

The Chair of the Housing Impact Committee explained that the funding authorized on Tuesday morning will reduce the backlog of new units.

Specific assessments are also being done on other projects to find out what shortfalls are there, what amounts need to be added to make sure all these projects are delivered, Champagne said.


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