Canada/Regina City Council approves all catalyst committee projects

Published on 25/03/2023 | La rédaction


Regina City Council voted in favour of the five projects proposed by the Catalyst Committee on Thursday. The decision was made after a survey was conducted and the City asked dozens of delegates to comment on the projects.

The projects include a new central library, multi-purpose event center, new aquatic center, baseball stadium and soccer field.

According to District 2 Councillor Bob Hawkins, this is an important vote that will reinvigorate the City's future.

It's easy to find a thousand reasons not to do something, but sometimes you have to be brave and build for the future, and that's what we're doing today," he said.

Barry Lacey, the city's general manager of financial strategy and sustainability, said council's vote won't necessarily guarantee that all of these projects will be built immediately.

He says the City of Regina should be thinking now about how to secure funding for the projects.

Council is not committing to spending all the money on all the projects," said Lacey.

While the city is seeking about $490 million in funding to offset the costs of these projects, Regina Mayor Sandra Masters says council's vote is a clear signal to other levels of government and private businesses.

She adds that if, for example, the city receives money from the federal government for these types of projects, it will be easier for city council because they will already know where the project can be built.

Catalyst Committee co-chair Tim Reid said the City should apply for funding under the federal government's Invest in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP).

If there is a reason to move quickly, [$128 million] is probably a good reason," said Reid.

One of the catalyst committee's recommendations has already been adopted by City Council in early March. It was to build a new aquatic center to replace the one in Lawson.


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