France/Energy efficiency. The inhabitants of Occitania reduce their electricity consumption by 7.5%: an example to follow

Published on 15/03/2023 | La rédaction


The Occitanie region has reduced its electricity consumption by 6 to 11% last winter, according to a study unveiled by Enedis this Monday, March 13, which publishes the figures by department. A decrease in consumption that places Occitania on the podium of the most sober regions.

The Occitanie Region is one of the most sober regions in France. According to the last figures published by Enedis, our region has recorded a decrease of its electricity consumption this winter.

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Calls for energy sobriety have multiplied throughout the winter and it seems that these calls have been heard by the inhabitants of the Occitanie region. The decrease in electricity consumption is significant, especially in our region. - 7,5 % on average with disparities according to the departments.

To carry out this study, the company Enedis, which distributes electricity in France, relied on data from Linky meters installed in homes.

On the other hand, the decrease in consumption is calculated by making the difference between the electricity consumption measured this winter and the electricity consumption of previous years, by erasing the temperature differences and periods of confinement of 2020.

The Enedis study concerns the residential sector.

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The south-west and the Mediterranean region show the largest decreases. In Occitania, they reach 6 to 11%.

The differences can be significant depending on the department. According to Enedis, "it is the territories that have rates of equipment among the highest and therefore have greater margins of savings by lowering the temperature to 19 ° C, which come out best."

This is the case in the Aude, Hérault and Pyrénées-Orientales regions, which record drops in electricity consumption of up to 11% between October 15, 2022 and February 26, 2023. On the other hand, the savings are less significant in Ariège with less than 7% decrease.

Since February 20, 2023, Enedis publishes every week on the French Observatory of ecological transition, all consumption data department by department for the residential sector.


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