Canada/Saint-Guy and Lac-des-Aigles: merger desired within a few months

Published on 15/03/2023 | La rédaction


The amalgamation of Saint-Guy and Lac-des-Aigles has taken another step forward. In recent weeks, members of both municipal councils have passed resolutions calling on the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing to create a new entity that would bring the two territories together.

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Reached by phone, the mayors of Saint-Guy and Lac-des-Aigles said the goal is to proceed with the merger by the end of the year.

In 2023, the two territories would keep a separate budget. In 2024, there would be only one budget until the next municipal elections, scheduled for 2025.

According to the mayor of Lac-des-Aigles, Pierre Bossé, the new municipality will keep the name of Lac-des-Aigles and will be part of the MRC

of Témiscouata.

Over the next few weeks, residents and RCMs concerned by this merger will be able to

affected by this merger will be able to send their comments to the department.

"If the response is positive, within three months we will have a new municipality thanks to this merger.

- A quote from Pierre Bossé, Mayor of Lac-des-Aigles

For the mayor of Saint-Guy, Gilles Roussel, this was a natural step. His village was finding it increasingly difficult to offer services to its citizens and the lack of manpower was slowing down many of the steps taken to advance projects. The name of Saint-Guy will remain associated with a neighbourhood in the new municipality.

In recent months, Bertin Denis, Reeve of the MRC

des Basques, Bertin Denis, had denounced the amalgamation process. The village of Saint-Guy is part of the MRC des Basques, while the village of Lac-des-Aigles is located in the MRC de Témiscouata. According to the Reeve, if the amalgamation takes place, the MRC

des Basques will lose 10% of its territory.

The mayor of Saint-Guy points out that the amalgamation study proved beyond any doubt that the most viable option for his village was a transfer to the MRC

of Témiscouata. At the same time, he says he understands the frustration of the Basque prefect.

"We will have more services at a better cost and a better affinity with the people of Temiscouata than we could have with the MRC

des Basques.

- A quote from Gilles Roussel, Mayor of Saint-Guy

For his part, Bertin Denis is adamant that a municipal grouping that involves changing the territorial boundaries of the MRC

s territorial boundaries will never be acceptable. And if an amalgamation is necessary, the reeve reminds us that Saint-Médard had also proposed to Saint-Guy that a study of amalgamation be conducted.

"We still believe that we can help Saint-Guy to develop within the Basque RCM.

- A quote from Bertin Denis, Reeve of the Basque MRC

A premise for other groupings?

In an interview, the mayors of Lac-des-Aigles and Saint-Guy did not close the door to other groupings with neighbouring villages. No steps have been taken, but if there are possibilities, we will evaluate them, confirms Pierre Bossé, mayor of Lac-des-Aigles.

According to him, the survival of small villages depends on the regrouping of services or on new municipal mergers.

Other consolidation studies are underway in the Lower St. Lawrence. In the MRC

des Basques, Notre-Dame-des-Neiges and Trois-Pistoles have mandated the Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l'Habitation to conduct such a study. In Kamouraska, no less than seven municipalities have also initiated this process.


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