France/Yvelines. The Court of Appeal of Versailles is committed to giving young people from disadvantaged backgrounds a chance

Published on 14/03/2023 | La rédaction


Internships, contractual positions, sponsorship... A partnership has just been signed with the Courte échelle association to enable students in the legal field, regardless of their origin and social environment, to benefit from support in preparation for competitive examinations, particularly those of the École nationale de la magistrature.

A partnership to promote equal opportunity. In the Yvelines, the Versailles Court of Appeal has just signed an agreement with the Courte échelle association, which fights against university dropouts, in order to welcome more young people in training within its walls. And not just any young people. Founded in 2021 by Youssef Badr, president of the 18th correctional chamber of the Bobigny judicial court (Seine-Saint-Denis), this association is aimed at students in the legal field from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Every year I look at the lists of the first competitive exams of the National School of Magistrates (ENM) and there are still too few foreign-sounding names," explains the magistrate. It remains an elite competition, too few exceptions manage to get through the cracks, and the idea is to break down the doors. "

For five years, the Court of Appeal is committed to regularly taking on interns from students selected by the Courte échelle. Contractual positions can also be offered to them, and above all, valuable sponsorships to accompany them throughout their studies. I share my network with those who don't have one," says Youssef Badr. Sometimes, just having a coffee with a magistrate is a boost. It helps fight against dropping out of college. "

Many magistrates volunteer in Versailles

On the students' side, the demand is there. The association receives calls from students at Sciences-po Rennes, Paris, the faculty of Marseille or Pau, including from overseas... In total, about 2,600 young people have already benefited from this contact and 300 sponsorships have been completed throughout France.

At the Versailles Court of Appeal, a number of judges have volunteered to help me develop the mentoring program," says Youssef Badr. This agreement simply formalizes what already existed. "

When the association identifies a young person on the verge of dropping out, and if his or her geographical location allows, the court will be able to make a proposal to him or her. In the same way, if the legal authority requests it, Courte échelle will propose a suitable profile.

Bringing more diversity to the courts

This partnership already works in Seine-Saint-Denis with the participation of the Bobigny court and the Villetaneuse IUT, where Youssef Badr studied. A similar agreement could be signed in Paris and in other provincial jurisdictions that have already contacted the association in this regard.


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