Benin/Pèrèrè. The Communal Council of Pèrèrè is holding its first ordinary session for the year 2023 this Tuesday, January 31.

Published on 02/02/2023 | La rédaction


It is the deliberation room of the City Hall that serves as a framework for this conclave of elected officials of which 15 are physically present and 4 have given proxies. Several items are on the agenda including among others:

-the examination of the authorization for the securing of the public domains belonging to the Commune;
-the study and updating of the rate of rebate granted to the Auxiliary Tax Collector (RAI) for the taxes collected on the Local Development Contribution (CDL);
-the examination and authorization for 99 years of the exploitation of all the historical sites of the commune and also the examination and authorization to be given by the Communal Council to affix stamps on the Certificates of Customary Detention (ADC).
Similarly, the administrative situation of the village chief of KOUMKOUMBOU in the district of GNINSY will be studied and authorized.
The First Deputy Mayor, in proceeding to the official opening of the session on behalf of the Mayor who was unable to attend, expressed his gratitude for the many sacrifices made by the local councillors in the development of the Commune. He invited everyone not to let their guard down.
This first session was held in a fraternal atmosphere.
Source: The Information Systems Department of the City Council of Pèrère.

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