France/Ploufragan. De Ouip En Ouap always transmits the oral heritage

Published on 01/02/2023 | La rédaction


On Sunday, the association De Ouip En Ouap held its general assembly at Telenn (federation of Breton cultural associations of the Pays de Saint-Brieuc), in Saint-Brieuc. About fifteen people were present.

The association has about thirty members for 2023. The recovery was confirmed and they were able to carry out the usual activities (vêprées, fest-noz, singing course), while responding to new proposals, such as the animation of a storytelling and singing walk around the Légué, within the framework of the Samain Festival, last October.

Concerning their perspectives for the new year, they want to perpetuate the promotion and the transmission of the oral heritage by implementing the core activities of the association. They also wish to take into account initiatives that fall within the scope of their activities, in partnership with other associations and the Telenn federation.

The day continued with a shared meal and a dinner, starting at 2:30 pm, still in the same premises. About thirty people gathered to sing, tell stories or simply listen and share.


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