Burkina Faso/Commune of Léo: The 2022-2030 communal strategic plan launched

Published on 07/12/2022 | La rédaction

Burkina Faso

Léo, AIB-The High Commissioner of the province of Sissili, Tewendé Isaac Sia, has officially launched the strategic plan of the municipality of said 2022-2030 in terms of water, hygiene and sanitation.

The State's competences and resources in the field of drinking water supply and sanitation (WSS) have been transferred to the communes, which are now the contracting authorities and are responsible for planning, programming, resource mobilization, financial management, and the construction and management of facilities.

It is in this context that the urban commune of Léo, with the support of the NGO Irc, has drawn up a communal strategic plan for public drinking water and sanitation services for the period 2030.

The official launch of the implementation of this strategic plan Water and Sanitation Horizon 2030 of the commune of Léo took place this Friday, November 25, 2022 in the meeting room of the aforementioned city hall.

The communal strategic plan for water and sanitation utilities horizon 2030 was presented by the secretary general of the town hall, Saidou Ouédraogo.

It is based on four main areas. These are as follows strengthening the governance of drinking water supply, hygiene and sanitation services; access to inclusive drinking water supply services; universal access to adequate water supply services; ands to adequate hygiene and sanitation services for wastewater and excreta; and sustainable management of services through the professionalization of actors and citizen participation.

According to Mr. Ouédraogo, the rate of access to approved facilities in the commune of Léo is 80%, compared to a rate of access to safely managed drinking water services of 1.4%.

The plan also shows that 24.8% of the commune's population has access to approved sanitation facilities and 0% has access to safely managed sanitation services.

In addition, the rate of open defecation in the commune is 6.9%. Mr. Ouédraogo however indicated that 14,870,053,000 francs are necessary for the implementation of this plan through the four (04) strategic axes.

On this occasion, the president of the special delegation of Léo, Kassoum Koalaga, paid tribute to the NGO IRC and its partners as well as the technical structures of the State for their support.

The High Commissioner of the Sissili province, Tewendé Isaac Sia, praised the leadership of the communal authorities, the NGO IRC and its partners who have worked hard for the success of this process. According to him, this plan is in line with the orientations and needs expressed by the State.

Its implementation will contribute to improving local governance in the area of water, hygiene and sanitation, he said. It will also enable the commune to carry out actions in the field of drinking water, hygiene and sanitation in an efficient manner, he mentioned. He then invited all the goodwill, the girls, boys, technical and financial partners, the diaspora to invest for a successful implementation of this plan. He finally reassured the municipality and the NGO IRC of its full availability to accompany the implementation of the plan.

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