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Published on 02/12/2022 | La rédaction


In Brittany, 164,000 people work in a social and solidarity economy enterprise, that is 13.8% of employees. This places Brittany in first place in France for the share of this other economy in local employment.

The cold weather is coming... it's a good thing... this pretty pink ski mask will perfectly match the wetsuit of the same tone. For the past year, at l'Equipière, Estel Rubeillon, coordinator and founder of the association, has been offering sports equipment, balls, footballs, swimming trunks, hiking boots, tennis rackets... etc etc...

Since January 2021, l'Équipière has collected more than 8 tons of sports equipment. All of them were collected from specialized stores or federations. They have been sorted, cleaned and sold at low prices to be accessible to all.

Estel Rubeillon dreamed of a model that would combine her values, the fight against waste (in France, each year, nearly 110,000 tons of sports and leisure items are thrown away) and the fight against environmental pollution.Estel Rubeillon dreamed of a model that would combine her values, the fight against waste (in France, every year, nearly 110,000 tons of sports and leisure items are thrown away) with reuse and solidarity (the store is open to all, including people in precarious situations and the disabled).

She found what she was looking for in the social and solidarity economy. "L'Équipière is not just a place where you can sell things, there are volunteers who come to give their time and allow people to go out on the trails, to skate or bike..."

Climate, social emergencies

"For a more sustainable and fairer world, the project holders of this economy want to defend another world. They are aware of the climatic and social urgencies ", notes Assia Aïch, director of TAg35.

The TAg is an incubator. A facilitator of these projects. Since September, it has welcomed its sixth class. Each year, dozens of entrepreneurial projects are selected to be supported by TAg35.

This is where Arnaud Michel, co-founder of the Ethical Hub , set up his transport and logistics project for producers and artisan processors who work in organic farming. " I knew companies whose human resources methods were not always wonderful, I wanted something different," he confides.

His electric vans and bicycles allow farmers to save time and concentrate on their production. Armaud Michel is now considering recovering the unsold goods from the stores to which they deliver to make them available to food aid associations.

In Tag's offices, people sometimes calm down the ardor, sometimes on the contrary, they encourage to speed up. We help, we support, we give confidence, we put in network. "A real plus before getting started."

TAg35. An incubator to help projects come to life

Today it's Eva Muratore's turn. She's in the middle of thinking about it. She wants to create a restaurant in the Blosne in Rennes where you can enjoy healthy food at affordable prices. The prices will be fixed according to the income of the consumers.

Projects that make sense, that are good for people and the planet. The social and solidarity economy is on the rise in Brittany.

In 5 years, TAG 35 has helped 137 projects to be born and given birth to a hundred jobs.


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