Benin/Prevention and fight against obstetrical and gynecological violence: Iléwa launches a project

Published on 24/11/2022 | La rédaction


The organization of young people involved in the promotion of sexual and reproductive health and rights "Iléwa" launched this Wednesday, November 23, 2022, the Project to strengthen the prevention and fight against obstetric and gynecological violence. The launching ceremony of the project took place in Gbégamey in Cotonou, in the presence of several youth organizations...

Iléwa is committed to contributing to the elimination of obstetrical and gynecological violence in the health services. This is done through the Project to Strengthen Prevention and Control of Obstetric and Gynecological Violence. According to a study by the World Health Organization (WHO), conducted in four West African countries and published in 2019, 838 women out of 2016 encountered (42%) were victims of abuse during childbirth. The said study also informs that in humanitarian crisis situations, women are even more exposed to the risk of violence including gynecological and obstetric violence in health facilities. According to Sodégla Giraudoux, Executive Director of ILEWA, this is a reality that needs to be addressed. Thus, thanks to the support of Urgent Action Fund, ILEWA and the Burkina Faso Ojepc are implementing the said project with a view to contributing to the elimination of abuse during the provision of reproductive health services in health facilities. The project aims to produce evidence on obstetrical and gynecological violence in times of humanitarian crisis, build the capacity of health professionals in the area of sexual and reproductive health and focused care, and strengthen communication on the referral system.The project's objectives are to produce evidence on obstetric and gynecological violence in times of humanitarian crisis, to build the capacity of health professionals on Sdsr and women-centered care, to strengthen communication on reference materials and good practice guides in the area of care, and to engage leaders and influencers in the promotion of women-centered care in times of humanitarian crisis. Among other activities planned within the framework of this project, which runs for four months, from November 2022 to February 2023, community consultations will be held in thevrier 2023, community consultations, capacity building for about 50 health professionals and students, and the organization of an advocacy lunch. One of the main perspectives remains the extension of the project, says Giraudoux Sodégla. Proceeding to the official launch of the project, the president of Iléwa, Nafissath Hounkpatin clarified the context before reassuring of a collaboration with other youth organizations to maximize the impact.


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