France/Seine-et-Marne: a community of municipalities launches the zero waste challenge

Published on 30/09/2022 | La rédaction


The first edition of the zero waste challenge is open to twenty families living in Plaines et Monts de France. The objective: to encourage people to reduce their waste.

The community of municipalities of Plaines et Monts de France (CCPMF) is reviewing its system of pricing for household waste collection to introduce an incentive fee: the incentive fee for household waste collection (Reomi).

This new pricing system aims to apply the "polluter pays" principle and to encourage residents to reduce their waste. To support them and help them produce less waste, the CCPMF is organizing its very first "Zero Waste Challenge" from October 3 to June 2023.

For this first edition, up to 20 households in the territory can participate for free.

Tracking their progress

The challenge begins with an inventory. The usual waste is weighed thanks to the equipment provided by the CCPMF. Then, at the end of this step, each household sets individual waste reduction targets. Before moving on to the second step, the association Ose Zéro Déchet conducts interviews to guide the volunteers.

The objective of this challenge is to change the habits of the inhabitants.

The CCPMF proposes several recommendations to achieve this: the implementation of ecogestures to reduce waste, weighing waste to track progress, recording results in the dedicated application, participating in workshops and exchanging with other families.

Participants will be able to learn how to make their own laundry detergent, how to garden without waste, or how to cook with their peelings.

After nine months of follow-up, an assessment is made during a meeting to close the challenge. Before a second edition and other families a few months later?

Source: le-de-france

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