Regional development in Finland and Lithuania: a study visit

Published on 27/09/2022 | La rédaction

Finlande, Lithuania

Strengthening regional democracy is important for overall good democratic governance at several levels. The Finnish regional development, also under reform and supported by another Council of Europe - EU project, was a source of inspiration for the Lithuanian authorities.

Therefore, within the framework of the joint Council of Europe-European Union project "Establishment of a legal, institutional and financial framework at the regional (county) level, capacity building to improve the quality of regional public administration in Lithuania", the Centre of Expertise is organizing a study visit to Finland for representatives of Lithuanian Regional Development Councils and other stakeholders.The Centre of Expertise is organising a study visit to Finland for representatives of Lithuanian Regional Development Councils and other stakeholders.

The participants will discuss and learn from the Finnish experience how to optimize strategic planning at the regional level. They will meet with Finnish authorities such as the Ministry of Finance, the newly established welfare service counties, representatives of the City of Helsinki, the Helsinki-Uusim regional council, and other stakeholders.Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council and the Finnish Association of Local and Regional Authorities, to exchange best practices in regional governance in the host country. The meetings will address different topics, such as

  • the institutional organisation of regions and their programming and planning process
  • the regional structures politically responsible and the coordination of the different bodies of the Regional Council within their competences
  • the role and mechanisms of inclusion of social and economic partners in the new regions,
  • the needs that triggered the reform of the Finnish regional governance system
  • the system of fiscal decentralization in the context of regional/municipal governance and the changes planned in this respect
  • the functioning of joint municipal offices and the current challenges of their strategic planning: ecological solutions, physical planning, the role of municipalities in promoting the local economy.

The study visit will be organized in cooperation with theLithuanian Association of Local Authorities - the implementing partner of the project.


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