France/Villegly City Council: new Sustainable Development Plan approved

Published on 06/08/2022 | La rédaction


Last meeting of the City Council before the summer break during which the following files were examined:

Orientations of the Planning and Sustainable Development Plan (PADD) of the local urban plan : within the framework of the revision of the communal PLU, the council approves the PADD which sets out the future land orientations and urban development and which will regulate the development of the commune for the next ten years according to the following six axes :

- Define a housing project with a resorption of the vacant potential and control of the opening to urbanization;

- Restore the attractiveness of the town center by opening up certain neighborhoods, improving traffic flow and expanding the parking lot;

- Strengthen the structuring public facilities, the commercial fabric and the recreational and educational infrastructures;

- Improving mobility on certain intra- and extra-mural traffic routes and encouraging pedestrian and bicycle travel;

- To preserve the rural and agricultural identity by preserving the agricultural land and the sanctuary of the garrigue part.

- To perpetuate the environmental amenity and the development of renewable energies by preserving the biodiversity, the natural spaces present, the natural habitat of the species to be protected and to favor the implantation of photovoltaic parks in the zones with weak stakes.

Communal safeguard plan PCS2.0: the approved document takes up the main lines of the previous PCS whose update concerns only the flooding component and the incorporation of the communal civil security commission.

Update of the staffing table with the creation of three new positions for the technical service, including 2 senior supervisors and 1 senior technical assistant of 2nd class, linked to the seniority of the agents.

- Several readjustments of credits are voted in investment for the communal garages, the living environment and the campsite.

- In anticipation of the inauguration of the town hall, Raymond Benoît, in charge of protocol, presented the procedure for the ceremony.

- Deputy reports: Mr. Benoît proposed that the remaining cash of the association Léz'Arts en Minervois be used to finance the 2023 fireworks, after agreement from the former president.

M. Coulonval reports on the tele-alert training and proposes to encourage the population to register on the platform for the diffusion of alert messages in case of disasters.


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