Reunion Island/ Territorial Attractiveness. The Region launches the co-construction of a territory brand for Reunion

Published on 02/07/2022 | La rédaction


This Wednesday, June 29, 2022 was held at the Hotel de Région the brand committee prefiguring the construction of a territorial brand for Reunion, in the presence of actors of the territory who have contributed to the 1st phase of this process. Objective: to better promote our island to the outside world. An ambitious approach to serve the attractiveness of the island" notes the Region whose press release we publish below (Photo: regional council)

The development of a territorial marketing strategy has been launched by RégionRéunion in order to enhance and promote Reunion at all levels (economic, social, cultural, tourist, etc.). The construction of a territorial brand is a priority action to be carried out over the long term in order to establish collective recognition of our values, the island's positioning, our assets and our potential.

Many regions and territories at the national and international level have embarked on this path with real benefits for the territories and populations through attractiveness, a driver of development and value creation. The territory brand is to be differentiated from other existing approaches or labels. It reflects the quality, innovations, nuggets and successes of Réunion Island. This brand aspires to become the standard proudly carried by local actors.

What is the purpose of a territorial identity for Reunion Island?
- To promote our Reunionese values and reaffirm them collectively.
- To promote the skills, know-how and talents of our island.
- To make our island better known to the outside world and to make it more attractive.
- To share the pride of promoting the best of ourselves.

A broad collective action is underway

The brand committee is made up of the founding members of the brand, and encourages a wider opening of the approach through the cooperation of the forces
of La Réunion, working in different sectors of local life (economy, tourism, culture, research, development and innovation, education, sport, environment...). Its scope will be greatly expanded once the active phase of the brand's creation begins, which will last until the second half of 2022.

Under the chairmanship of Pascal Plante, regional councilor in charge of business internationalization, this collaborative sequence first allowed the various contributors to be informed of the diagnosis established, and then of the results of the project.rents of the diagnosis established, concluding that a global brand is needed to give back all its
visibility to our island. This action is all the more useful in a totally renewed international context. Communicating with a single voice is a priority
unanimously affirmed.

For Pascal Plante, "our territory presents singularities. There is a state of mind, a Réunionese pride, a way of being Réunionese as there is an art of living in Réunion. This is a reality that this work has highlighted. These are assets that need to be highlighted and that deserve to be known internationally".

The territorial brand is the reflection of our pride in Reunion, it is the synthesis of the best of us that we cultivate together and that we must enhance. This is why the people of Reunion must be its first ambassadors, whether on the island or abroad. The consultation with the economic, sports, cultural and associative actors will therefore be amplified and it will be completed by an action of consultation of the Reunionese.

Region Reunion acts at the heart of the concerns of the Reunionese for today and tomorrow. This is why it is important to consult them in this process of territorial attractiveness for a strong local recognition of the way we speak about Reunion outside the island.

This consultation will feed the reflection currently conducted by the Region Reunion and its partners to strengthen the attractiveness of our territory, promote our expertise and our sectors of excellence throughout the world, for the benefit of all Reunionese.


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