Morocco/Tetouan: Signing of a partnership agreement to bring the 7th art closer to the students of the FLSH

Published on 15/01/2022 | La rédaction


A partnership and cooperation agreement was signed Wednesday between the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FLSH) of Tetouan, the Foundation of the Mediterranean Film Festival of Tetouan (FCMT) and the Association of Friends of the Cinema of Tetouan, to enable students to discover the magic of the 7th art.

Signed by the dean of the FLSH of Tetouan, Mustapha El Ghachi, the president of the FCMT Foundation, Ahmed El Housni, and the president of the Association of Friends of Cinema, Mohamed Bouyssef Regab, this agreement aims to enrich the cinematographic field in Morocco and to help young people and students of the Faculty discover the magic of the 7th art, says a statement from the Foundation of the FCMT.

This agreement also aims to enable students to develop their creative skills, through the organization of a series of activities and cultural workshops, as well as to contribute to making the filmma an option among the training courses offered by the FLSH of Tetouan which, through its participation in the meeting of the Board of Directors of the FCMT Foundation, held on December 24, 2021, has resumed its place as an essential academic partner of the FCMT.

Last December, the Foundation of the FCMT had elected its new executive board and renewed its organs, opening up to competences known for their rich and singular backgrounds, in addition to theapproval of the moral and financial reports of the 26th edition of the Festival, and the presentation of the initial program of the 27th edition of the FCMT, to be held from 11 to 18 March.


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