France/Navigable Waterways of France join the PEXE network

Published on 15/01/2022 | La rédaction


The public institution Voies navigables de France (VNF) signed on Friday, January 7 a partnership with the association PEXE to identify solutions and accelerate the ecological and energy transition of the French river ecosystem.

Voies navigables de France becomes a member of the French eco-companies network PEXE. By becoming part of this ecosystem, the establishment VNF intends to contribute to the mobilization of eco-companies to meet the challenges of transition of the river sector and waterways.

By relying on the expertise of the PEXE network of environmental companies, Voies Navigables de France will be able to join forces with new solution providers to meet the ambitions and challenges of the waterway sector."This membership is a great opportunity to create new synergies between the world of inland waterways and that of eco-companies," said Thierry Guimbaud, CEO of Voies navigables de France, in a press release.

For Christophe Chevillion, president of PEXE,"The PEXE network is pleased to be associated more strongly and formally with VNF for the ecological and energy transition of the river sector."

Accelerating the ecological transition

For the record, the PEXE association federates 6,000 environmental and energy companies gathered in clusters, associations and competitive clusters.

PEXE's mission is to bring together the French eco-company community in a collective effort to accelerate the ecological and energy transition of local authorities, industrialists and businesses.and energy transition of local authorities, industrialists, and operators on the national territory; and to develop French SMEs and ETIs in the eco-activities sector and create green jobs by working on : innovation, access to financing, business development, employment and skills and international.


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