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The City of Morges is implementing a sustainable development strategy on several levels. Thanks to its incentive fund for energy savings and the development of renewable energies, it encourages the ecological transition, multimodal mobility and more sustainable energy consumption. Every citizen is invited to contribute to this through concrete actions.

Municipal incentive fund

Since 2007, the City of Morges has had an incentive fund for energy and sustainable development. Its update as of January 3, 2022 now makes it possible to offer more than twenty subsidies to Morges' citizens. This action is part of the Municipality's 2035 vision. It aims to strengthen and broaden the support offered to the population wishing to undertake actions and projects in favor of sustainability and energy transition.

Agenda 21

At the beginning of 2010, the Municipality adopted its Agenda 21. Its sustainable development strategy is translated into concrete actions and tools in which everyone, both elected officials and citizens, has a role to play.


  • Mobility:the current mobility policy implemented in the Morgian territory aims to ensure multimodal accessibility to the city center, to preserve a quality public space, and to limit or even reduce air pollution and noise pollution.
  • Energy:in 2008, for the third time since 2000, Morges renewed its "Cité de l'énergie" label, which distinguishes municipalities with a concrete energy policy that is in line with a vision of sustainable development, mobility and respect for the environment.
  • Nature and landscape: actions to promote nature in the city aim to protect and encourage biodiversity, but also to improve the living environment.
  • Drinking water management: in addition to supplying the city with drinking water, the Industrial Services of Morges work to protect the quality and quantity of this essential resource.
  • Economic fabric: a stable and dynamic economic fabric, favoring local relationships, is the objective to be reached for Morges in terms of economic sustainability.
  • Purchasing criteria and sustainability analysis of projects:By means of analysis grids and adequate criteria, the Municipality wishes to ensure the systematic integration of a sustainable development analysis in the administration's current processes and in decision-making.
  • Social: housing policy, support for integration, revitalization of local life or assistance to people, the Municipality is committed to you.
  • Morges, a city of solidarity:international cooperation and development aid are an integral part of the City of Morges' sustainable development strategy.

Key projects in progress

  • Mobility: in line with the policy conducted on the municipal territory, the Municipality has decided to undertake a mobility management process for its municipal administration.
  • Energy:to strengthen Morges' participation in the international effort to reduce CO2 emissions, the Municipality has decided to consolidate its energy strategy.

A local agenda 2021

Sustainable development aims to achieve a balanced development between three inseparable poles: the environment, the economy and the social.

The Local Agenda 21 is the action plan of the public authorities which defines the measures to be taken to move towards this sustainable development.

Source: www.morges.ch

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