France/Twinning: an English delegation from Chichester expected in Chartres at the end of April

Published on 14/01/2022 | La rédaction


After two years of lethargy due to Covid 19, the Friends of the Twinning of Chartres hope to see the end of the tunnel. An English delegation from Chichester is expected to visit Chartres at the end of April.

"In terms of international exchanges, not much has happened in the last two years," say Patrick Géroudet, city councilor in charge of promoting the city and international relations, and Claire Crézé, president of the association of the Friends of the Twinning of Chartres. "In 2021, we just received an Italian delegation from Ravenna.

A delegation much smaller than in previous years, due to the health context. "We were not able to make the outing we had planned, nor to organize our traditional shared meal," laments Patrick Géroudet.

Thanks to the Internet, the association was still able to maintain some contacts. "We have taken out a subscription to the Zoom videoconferencing platform," explains Patrick Géroudet. "We have been able to maintain one videoconference per month with our English friends.

Fortunately, the future seems to be brightening: "A delegation from Chichester is expected in Chartres at the end of April," says Claire Crézé. "On Ascension Day, a delegation from Chartres is scheduled to go to Speyer, Germany, but there is nothing concrete yet. At Pentecost, about thirty people from Chartres are expected to go to Ravenna, Italy. And finally, on All Saints' Day, we are expecting a delegation from Évora, Portugal.

"No contact with Cusco in Peru for 20 years

"With Chichester, Spire, Ravenna and Évora, it goes well", analyzes Patrick Géroudet. "With Sakuraï too, but there, the problem is the distance and the cost of the trip. With the other cities, it is more complicated. We haven't had any contact with Cusco, in Peru, for twenty years. With Leon, in Spain, and Bethlehem, in Palestine, there is no twinning association. Contacts are made directly through the city and it is more or less complicated depending on the elected officials in office.


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