Congo/Health: free screening campaign for diseases in Pointe-Noire

Published on 12/01/2022 | La rédaction


An awareness campaign and free screening for high blood pressure, diabetes, malaria and HIV was organized from January 8 to 10 in Siafoumou, in the fifth district of Pointe-Noire, Mongo-Mpoukou.

Highlighting the interest of community health, Dr. Mabongo Dassise explained that prevention is the basis of medicine. Being in the middle of the population, in the neighborhoods, allows him to avoid that many patients end up in general hospitals. "What motivates me, through this screening, is that I don't want to see a single Congolese dying for lack of means to pay for a consultation with a doctor. In addition to Pointe-Noire, we want to deploy throughout the national territory to treat the Congolese population," he said.

Appreciating this initiative, Madeleine Makosso expressed the wish to see this kind of free screening multiplied in Pointe-Noire and in other departments of Congo. "We wish that this kind of operations be carried out everywhere in the country to relieve the Congolese population in terms of health," she said.


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