France/DIJON: La Chaîne Verte, the new organic waste collection service by bicycle

Published on 16/10/2021 | La rédaction


Since July 2021, the association La Chaîne Verte has set up a new bicycle collection service for organic waste from professionals in the Dijon metropolitan area, which is then recycled locally in the form of compost.

In this way, the association works concretely for the reduction of waste, the valorisation of this precious resource and consequently for the protection of the environment, the whole using soft mobility.

At the origin of this project, there are four people from Dijon, anxious to act in favour of ecology and the local economy. One of them became the first employee of the association.

Three months after its launch, the association has gathered around it three restaurant owners and a nursing home. Weekly food waste collections from these establishments have made it possible to divert about one ton of food waste from the incinerator each month, and have avoided the production of 300 kg of CO2. And this is just the beginning!

Today, La Chaîne Verte needs to develop its network of clients, an essential link for the sustainability of its activity. To do this, it relies mainly on its employee and needs to ensure a future for him, so that he can continue for a long time to pedal in the streets of Dijon and save the peelings from the trash.

To allow the Chaîne Verte to continue to operate, it needs your support, and launched a few days ago a campaign of participatory financing on the platform Tudigo, which will last until November 13: https: //

In exchange for your contribution, you will be able to enjoy a tasting at the "Au gramme près" shop, a meal in one of the client restaurants (at La Menuiserie, or at the starred restaurant Cibo), a workshop to learn how to give new life to second-hand plants at the plant ressourcerie or even receive your bag of compost "Made in Dijon"!

The funds raised will ensure a future for La Chaîne Verte and you will support a great local initiative.

But you can also help La Chaîne Verte by joining the association: membership is free (ideal for small budgets) and allows you to show your support for the project.

Want to put your commitment into practice? La Chaîne Verte welcomes all those interested in composting, soft mobility, project management, events, communication...

If you are interested in the project, don't hesitate to contribute, in one way or another!


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