Benin/Education sector: Benin unveils an innovative Higher Education Development Strategy

Published on 12/07/2021 | La rédaction


This Saturday, July 10, 2021, opened at the Novotel Hotel in Cotonou, the national seminar on the development strategy of higher education, scientific research and innovation. A historic conclave that aims to engage decisively, the reforms in the sub-sector.

Placed under the chairmanship of the Head of State, Mr. Patrice TALON, the meeting aims at sharing with the actors of the academic world, the substance of the conclusions reached by the various consultations initiated by the Head of State, including the main recommendations contained in the report of the commission set up by him, as well as the draft decrees carrying these reforms.

At the opening of the meeting, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research recalled that "an analysis of governance in our national universities has revealed many weaknesses that undermine research and innovation. For example, she said, the policy designed for the sector in 2006 has not been implemented because of dysfunctional coordination, the absence of a strategic plan, a funding law and a code of ethics.

Eléonore YAYI LADEKAN also emphasized the low quality of training offers, the absence of an evaluation of teachers and an operational body of control and ethics in higher education. She did not hide the cases of totally obsolete teaching, course materials not updated, sexual harassment, fraud in examinations, unjustified absences of teachers in class ... etc.. Dysfunctions that the government under the aegis of the Head of State, intends to rectify during this 2nd five-year term.

The Minister of State for Development and Coordination of Government Action makes a diagnosis in these terms: "higher education is deeply affected by the lack of financial resources, equipment and appropriate research infrastructure, the absence of innovative mechanisms of incentive and promotion of the teaching and research function."

Abdoulaye Bio TCHANÉ then specified that "this seminar was expected by all. It was all the more expected, as for a little more than 5 years, Benin has resolutely committed itself to a vast development program supported by structural reforms in the important sectors of our country's life". And therefore "investment in human capital is the necessary condition to ensure the sustainability of a nation. The best investment to make today is in the training of our young people. The government is aware of this and that is why the President of the Republic has deemed it necessary to undertake courageous reforms in education and training," he added. He ended his speech by saying that "it is a bold reform that the present meeting announces; they commit us to define the guidelines of a program ofThey commit us to define the guidelines of a large-scale program capable of supporting the promotion and development of the university component of national education in all its dimensions, namely higher education, scientific research and innovation.

President Patrice TALON, present at the opening ceremony, urged the various participants in this national seminar to be bold. The President of the Republic suggested that "at the end of these exchanges, it should be established that something has happened; that you have been bold. You must find in yourself that what is proposed is not enough for the control, for the evaluation of what everyone does."

The Head of State also called on the participants to have a noble conscience. "Do not leave to future generations what we have inherited, but leave to future generations better training conditions."That said, "the will, the commitment to build our country must be shared by all," President Patrice Talon stressed.


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