Burkina Faso/Commune of N'Dorola: The village of Kodona has a CSPS

Published on 11/07/2021 | La rédaction

Burkina Faso

The village of Kodona in the commune of N'Dorola now has a new Health and Social Promotion Centre (CSPS). The inauguration ceremony took place on Tuesday 6 July 2021 under the chairmanship of Boyo Jean Celestin Koussoubé, President of the Regional Council of Hauts-Bassins.

The people of Kodona and surrounding areas in the commune of N'Dorola, Kénédougou province were celebrating last Tuesday. Many people came out, the atmosphere and the joy were great. And for good reason, this locality has just benefited from a Health and Social Promotion Centre (CSPS). This jewel is composed of an infirmary, a maternity ward, housing and a motorcycle for the agents and a pharmaceutical warehouse.

All these achievements were made possible thanks to the efforts of the N'Dorola Municipal Council, the population of Kodona, but also thanks to the support of the Hauts-Basins Regional Council.The cost of these achievements is estimated at more than 50 million CFA francs, including 1.5 million for the motorcycle, which will serve as a means of travel for CSPS agents. The mayor of the town of N'Dorola, Gnazié Adama Sessouma explained that it is the spirit of decentralization that they understood, which galvanized them to act.

"It was the Municipal Council that conceived the realization of this CSPS since 2017. With the dynamism of the sons and daughters of Kodona, we were able to achieve it. I congratulate the Municipal Council of N'Dorola. We understood decentralization, since we all know that the resources of the State are limited to accompany all communities at the same time. This is what guided us to achieve something with our own means in the meantime," he said.

Opening up the locality in terms of health care

And the president of the Regional Council of Hauts-Bassins, Boyo Jean Celestin Koussoubé is pleased with the participatory spirit of the people. For him, if decentralization is understood, we can develop. "I am particularly happy to see the concrete realization of this jewel. This is part of the work of decentralization.

The mayor and his council have implemented all the means to make this jewel a reality. The people have adhered by contributing a lot and by investing themselves. I am particularly happy. If decentralization is understood, we will certainly develop," he said. The construction of this CSPS will open up the locality of Kodona and Silorla in terms of health care. In the past, it was necessary to travel long distances to get health care.

For the District Medical Officer (MCD), Arnaud Antime Ki, the construction of this CSPS will allow the population to follow closely the health facilities and benefit from care without travelling long distances. However, much remains to be done, namely the closure of the CSPS and the transformation of the CEG into a high school, which were addressed as grievances to the president of the Hauts-Bassins Regional Council.

The CSPS is already equipped with a minimum of materials and the City Council of N'Dorola through its mayor, has pledged that the rest will be operational soon through the supplementary budget.

Source: www.lexpressdufaso-bf.com

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