Belgium/Local Action Groups, a real dynamic for rural areas

Published on 05/01/2023 | La rédaction


Europe and Wallonia promote rural development, in particular through the LAGs, the Local Action Groups. The objective is to encourage them to reflect on the potential of their rural territory and to bring out projects desired by citizens through associations but also companies, farmers, etc. The oldest in the Province of Luxembourg is the LAG of the Pays de l'Ourthe.

It gathers all the Luxembourgish communes of the basin of this river. There are also those created by the natural parks (Ardenne Méridionale, Haute-Sûre Forêt d'Anlier and Gaume) then the LAG NovArdenne (Libramont-Libin and Saint-Hubert) which wants to expand to the municipalities of Sainte-Ode and Tenneville and finally the LAG Romana (Rochefort, Marche-en-Famenne and Nassogne). Today, these six LAGs are preparing to return projects to continue the work begun until 2027! A new LAG project exists today in the P ays of Arlon with Attert, Messancy and Arlon. The first step for each of them is to carry out a diagnosis of the territory. Let's take the example of the Romana LAG. The diagnosis highlights the rich natural resources (nature, caves, etc.) of the communes of Rochefort Marche and Nassogne. A very touristy region, but paradoxically the number of overnight stays in hotels and cottages is lower than in neighboring municipalities. In addition, the three communes are not experiencing an increase in population either. They will therefore devise new actions, at least in part, taking these realities into account. In any case, today, all the LAGs are calling on the ideas of their inhabitants to build an action program. The consultations take different forms and must be done by mid to late January at the latest.


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