Morocco/UPM organizes its 1st workshop on telemedicine and connected health in Morocco

Published on 05/01/2021 | La rédaction



The Private University of Marrakech (UPM) announced the organization, on its premises, of the 1st Workshop dedicated to telemedicine. The event will be held on 21 January on the theme: "The practice of telemedicine and connected health".

"The workshop will examine critical issues related to innovations in telemedicine, including the approaches to these innovations, trends in telemedicine, successes and failures in telemedicine, and the role of telemedicine in the development of new technologies.The workshop will examine critical issues related to telemedicine innovations, including the approaches to these innovations, trends in telemedicine, notable successes and failures of telemedicine in meeting the expectations that could affect the promotion of this technological tool as a positive force for change in the health system," the organisers explain in a statement.

Thus, several key players in the field of telemedicine will take turns leading the various workshops devoted in particular to the presentation of the concept and services of telemedicine.lémédecine and connected health, the legal framework in Morocco, the various technological solutions and the pedagogical engineering of telemedicine training.

The workshop will be open in person to students of the Health and Medicine poles and teachers of the UPM and remotely to health practitioners, teachers, researchers and students from other schools and universities in Morocco (Registration via this link).

Note that the event is organized in partnership with the FST of Béni Mellal under the University Sultan Moulay Slimane, the Association of Telemedicinedecine et e-Santé (MSfTeH), the Mohammed VI University Hospital of Marrakech, the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Marrakech, the Regional Directorate of Health of the Marrakech-Safi region and the HOPS company.


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