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Published on 03/06/2021 | La rédaction


Somme, Haute-Garonne, Drôme... Some departments offer to reimburse part of the cost of accommodation or offer vouchers valid in local restaurants to boost tourist numbers. Tour de France.

As the gradual lifting of health restrictions continues, the French are already thinking about their summer holidays. Like last year, local tourism could be the big winner. To remember the good memories of the French holidaymakers, and to revive the local economy, some departments are offering discount coupons or refunds on accommodation.

- Somme

Your weekend in Amiens or in the Somme bay will be (partly) refunded. The Picardy department is offering a refund of up to 80 euros on accommodation expenses for a stay of at least two consecutive nights (and 30 maximum) until 30 June. Attention: valid since 1 April, the offer is reserved for the first 10,000 applications and will be granted "within the limits of available credits". To benefit from this offer, the necessary documents must be sent on the department's online subsidy application platform before 30 September.

- Haute-Garonne

In the South of Toulouse, the focus is on promotions. The Haute-Garonne "good deals", which have existed since the summer of 2020, have been extended until 31 December: the "1 night bought, 1 night offered" offer is open to all holidaymakers for weekends and stays during the school holidays. To benefit from this offer, you must book your stay in one of the hotels, campsites or gîtes that are partners in the operation. According to Actu Toulouse, it will be possible to save up to 100 euros. Note that the other "good deals" in Haute-Garonne are reserved for the inhabitants of the department.

- Indre

The Indre is betting on regulars to bring in new holidaymakers. According to the Nouvelle République, the department is launching the "1 sponsor, 1 godson" operation. All those who have stayed in Indre since 2018 will receive an invitation to return this year and will have to recommend someone else to do the same: the first 500 registrants, sponsors and godchildren, will each receive a 50% discount on their accommodation, up to a limit of €320, as well as two €20 vouchers to spend in restaurants and local activities.

- Manche

In Normandy, with the "Vouchers Evasion 50", the Manche department offers to pay part of the bill in restaurants or for kayak rental. For each night spent in the department between February 6 and December 31, paid at least 40 euros, a check worth 10 euros is offered (up to 100 euros). The stay, moreover, must not exceed 14 nights and be declared online on the dedicated platform. Restaurants, shops, craftsmen, leisure activities, museums: these vouchers can be spent in partner establishments.

- Bouches-du-Rhône

For holidaymakers who choose the Bouches-du-Rhône this summer, it will be the "My Provence" tickets. Those who wish to benefit from them must register on the dedicated website to receive 100 euros in vouchers, i.e. 10 tickets of 10 euros, valid for one week. In concrete terms, when making a payment at a partner of the operation, it will be necessary to give 20 euros and a ticket of 10 euros for every 30 euros. Accommodation, water sports, craftsmen and producers, restaurants, museums and monuments: the offer is valid until 31 December.

- Mayenne

The Mayenne will distribute 20,000 vouchers this summer for the renewal of its operation "Miam! La Mayenne à croquer" which will run from June 9 to mid-September, reports France Bleu. The aim is to promote local restaurants: for each purchase of a ticket in a tourist or leisure site will be given a voucher of 10 euros to be used in a restaurant in the department. The voucher will have to be downloaded beforehand from the dedicated website. For the 2021 season, some thirty tourist sites and fifty restaurants are partners in the operation.

- Drôme

It is the return of the "pass'Drômes" in 2021. The principle is simple: you have to book at least one night in the Drôme at one of the eligible accommodation providers using the platform offered by the de partement, then you get a "Drôme pass" worth 50 euros for 1 to 2 nights and 150 euros for more than three consecutive nights. You then have to spend it in the restaurants, leisure activities or craftsmen partners of the operation. However, you will have to book your stay and apply for it before 30 June to benefit from it.


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