France/ Colleville-Montgomery. Animations for sustainable development

Published on 21/06/2024 | La rédaction


Two questions for... Marie-Christine Leroux, Delegate Councillor in charge of communications

What activities will be taking place on Saturday to raise awareness of sustainable development?

This is the3rd year we've organized this event, on the3rd Saturday in June, in partnership with Caen-la-Mer and with the various collections that will be present in the town hall parking lot all morning, from 9 am to 12 pm.

The public will be able to bring in used clothes, books, games and toys, electrical appliances and furniture, all of which will be recycled by the Coop 5 pour 100.

During the morning, volunteer Collevillais associations and their members will also be taking part in a civic clean-up of the commune.

What's new this year?

First of all, the Refaites vos jeux association, our partner for the past three years, is offering a vintage games event at the media library for the first time, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.

But the big news is the extension of this half-day to a full day devoted to sustainable development, with activities on the waterfront from 1:30 p.m. onwards.

Three associations will be taking part. The Groupe mammalogique normand (Normandy Mammal Group) will introduce visitors to marine mammals. The CPIE Vallée de l'Orne will be presenting the different types of waste on the beach as part of its "clean shore" operation. And with Coop 5 pour 100, we've decided to use games to encourage people to eat seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Finally, we'll be extending the day, from 7 p.m., with a picnic hosted by the group JP ambiance, playing music from the post-war years.


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