Benin/Tori-Bossito. Fruits of the Partnership between ACAL and CASA-GRANDE

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The Mayor of Allada Joseph CAKPO, representing ACAL, launches a solar pumping borehole for the benefit of the populations of Ketessa, Azohoue-Cada district in the township of Tori-Bossito

Ketessa, a village in the Azohoue-Cada district in the Commune of Tori-Bossito, located about three kilometers from the asphalt road between Allada, Tori-Bossit and Ouidah. This village of more than 1,000 inhabitants has been confronted with a lack of drinking water since the dawn of time. This difficulty that women and children face on a daily basis by braving kilometers before bringing back just a 25 liter can of water to the household is finally being solved by the Association of Communes of Allada.solution by the Association of Atlantic and Coastal Municipalities (ACAL) of which the Mayor of Allada Joseph CAKPO is the Vice President behind Mayor Luc Setondji ATTROKPO.

It was a great joy, a hope to find the precious liquid, source of Life in the vicinity within four months at the latest. And it is indeed this certainty, this assurance that Mayor Joseph CAKPO and his partner CASA-GRANDE went to give to the Community of Ketessa, this Saturday, January 22, 2022 by the laying of the foundation stone that marks the official launch of the work. These works consist of a drilling with solar pumping, a water tower, the extension of the water network to several supply points and the training of women in the management and sanitation of the living environment.

A historical event, for which the Board of Azohoue-Cada praised the leadership, the generosity and the management of ACAL through the person of the Mayor, Joseph CAKPO.
For him, the Mayor Joseph CAKPO, is a man of heart who knows how to share and whose leadership has truly militated in favor of Tori-Bossito and precisely of Azohoue-Cada. He did not fail to salute the NGO CASA-GRANDE for its generosity and its dynamism noticed by the population since the day after the announcement of this project.

For the National Director of CASA-GRANDE, we must first give thanks to God, who gives water and who offers the opportunity of this drilling for the benefit of the community of Ketessa. Also, he praised the objectivity of ACAL. Because, the chosen Village really deserves the work and the NGO is delighted to be able to contribute qualitatively to the achievement of the objective of the Beninese government to provide drinking water to all Beninese by 2026.
As for the Mayor, Joseph CAKPO, representing ACAL, he must thank the Mayor of Tori-Bossito, Mr. Rogatien AKOUAKOU, for having accepted the work on his territory for the satisfaction of his constituents in drinking water. Greeting the President, Luc Setondji ATTROKPO, he pointed out that today's act is a testimony of the active inter-community cooperation between the sister communes. He also thanked CASA-GRANDE for its full availability to support ACAL in its community development initiatives.

Addressing the population, Mayor Joseph CAKPO, testified that this partner does not delay in the execution of its projects and therefore the population will be satisfied soon. That is why he invited them to follow the awareness sessions and to collaborate with the technicians and the staff of the NGO in the realization of the planned works.

Following these messages of thanks, assurance and exhortation, Mayor Joseph CAKPO representing ACAL and leading the official delegation went to lay the foundation stone of the work with the partners. In a popular jubilation rich in various animations, the authorities were welcomed in the hope that the happy outcome of the said project will soon mobilize them for the inauguration.

Resp. Press and Communication of Allada.

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