France/A partnership signed between Honfleur and Argentina to promote exchanges

Published on 19/10/2021 | La rédaction


The Río de la Plata association visited Honfleur (Calvados) to promote cultural exchanges between the town and Argentina, particularly between students. An agreement was signed.

The association based in Fleury-sur-Orne (Calvados), Río de la Plata, came to Honfleur to promote the French language in Argentina and also to promote friendship between students.

"The aim is to maintain cultural and linguistic exchanges between Normandy and Argentina. So to create a partnership between Honfleur and a province of Argentina," underlines Nicolas Pubreuil, deputy for school affairs. Many Argentinians have roots in France, which is what inspired Argentina's desire for independence in 1816. "Spanish is now one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

A 15-day trip

The Río de la Plata association was born in 2016 thanks to young people who wanted to open up to the world. In 2017, a first link with young people in Argentina was created, and in 2018, a link with Santa Cruz was also forged.

"All the work of the association consists of creating links with teachers from French and Argentine high schools. We want to federate the associations by proposing a follow-up in the schools to perpetuate this link. says Charles Mauger, president of the association Río de la Plata. This idea could be applied in schools, from primary to secondary education, to allow students to go to France or Argentina. This is why we are signing an agreement to seal the cooperation between France and Argentina. »

Young Argentines are currently in France for 15 days to visit Normandy. In Honfleur, they were able to visit the town as well as the Eugène-Boudin museum.

These young people were also received with the members of the association at the town hall and some elected officials. Nicolas Pubreuil and Charles Mauger signed an agreement to seal the friendship between the two countries.


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